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William A Ducey

10645 W Lake Rd, Ripley, NY, 14775 United States
(716) 736-7682

About William A Ducey

Grape Vineyards (NAICS 111332)

William A Ducey is located in Ripley, NY. The company is categorized under the Grape Vineyards industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing grapes and/or growing grapes to sun dry into raisins.

William A Ducey can be more broadly classified into the Crop Production sector, defined as companies that grow crops mainly for food and fiber. Businesses are classified into the Crop Production sector when crop production (i.e., value of crops for market) accounts for one-half or more of the establishment's total agricultural production.

The production process for these companies is typically completed when the raw product or commodity grown reaches the "farm gate" for market, that is, at the point of first sale or price determination.

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September 25, 2016
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Competitors of William A Ducey

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Dan Demarco
(716) 736-4244
9136 Forsythe Rd E, Ripley NY, 14775 United States
Cochrane Farms Inc
(716) 736-3663
P.O. BOX 20, Ripley NY, 14775 United States
Alan Waters
(716) 736-7089
9559 E Main Rd, Ripley NY, 14775 United States
Oswald Bahl
(716) 736-7542
6615 Klondike Rd, Ripley NY, 14775 United States
Robert Youngs
(716) 736-3782
29 W Main St, Ripley NY, 14775 United States
Hitz Farm Inc
(716) 736-7482
9446 E Lake Rd, Ripley NY, 14775 United States
Industries Where William A Ducey Competes
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Fruit and Tree Nut Farming
Grape Vineyards
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William A Ducey

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