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John Leggett & Co

117 Edinburgh Dr S, Cary, NC, 27511 United States
(919) 469-8674
(919) 469-4778

About John Leggett & Co

Land Subdivision (NAICS 237210)
6 workers

John Leggett & Co is located in Cary, NC. The company employs approximately 6 employees and is categorized under the Land Subdivision industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in servicing land and subdividing real property into lots, for subsequent sale to builders. Servicing of land may include excavation work for the installation of roads and utility lines. The extent of work may vary from project to project. Land subdivision precedes building activity and the subsequent building is often residential, but may also be commercial tracts and industrial parks. These establishments may do all the work themselves or subcontract the work to others. Establishments that perform only the legal subdivision of land are not included in this industry.

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October 21, 2016
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Industries Where John Leggett & Co Competes
Land Subdivision
Land Subdivision
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John Leggett & Co

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