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Deeb Construction

9020 Rancho Del Rio Dr, New Port Richey, FL, 34655 United States
(727) 376-6831
(727) 375-8631

About Deeb Construction

Site Preparation Contractors (NAICS 238910)
13 workers

Deeb Construction is located in New Port Richey, FL. The company employs approximately 13 employees and is categorized under the Site Preparation Contractors industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in site preparation activities, such as excavating and grading, demolition of buildings and other structures, and septic system installation. Earth moving and land clearing for all types of sites (e.g., building, nonbuilding, mining) is included in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in construction equipment rental with operator (except cranes) are also included.

Deeb Construction can be more broadly classified into the Specialty Trade Contractors sector, defined as companies whose primary activity is performing specific activities involved in building construction or other activities that are similar for all types of construction, but that are not responsible for the entire project.

The production work performed by establishments in this sector is usually subcontracted from establishments of the general contractor type or operative builders, but especially in remodeling and repair construction, work also may be done directly for the owner of the property. Specialty trade contractors usually perform most of their work at the construction site, although they may have shops where they perform prefabrication and other work.

There are substantial differences in types of equipment, work force skills, and other inputs required by specialty trade contractors. Throughout the Specialty Trade Contractors sector, establishments commonly provide both the parts and labor required to complete work.

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September 26, 2016
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Other Specialty Trade Contractors
Site Preparation Contractors
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Deeb Construction

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