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Barnum Annex Elementary School

391 E Washington Ave, Bridgeport, CT, 6608 United States
(203) 332-5576
(203) 333-7724

About Barnum Annex Elementary School

Elementary and Secondary Schools (NAICS 611110)
21 workers

Barnum Annex Elementary School is located in Bridgeport, CT. The company employs approximately 21 employees and is categorized under the Elementary and Secondary Schools industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in furnishing academic courses and associated course work that comprise a basic preparatory education. A basic preparatory education ordinarily constitutes kindergarten through 12th grade. This industry includes school boards and school districts.

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September 27, 2016
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Competitors of Barnum Annex Elementary School

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(203) 576-7510
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Industries Where Barnum Annex Elementary School Competes
Educational Services
Elementary and Secondary Schools
Elementary and Secondary Schools
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Barnum Annex Elementary School

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