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Freestone County Wic Program

742 W Commerce St, Fairfield, TX, 75840 United States
(903) 389-2011
(903) 389-2011

About Freestone County Wic Program

Child and Youth Services (NAICS 624110)
4 workers

Freestone County Wic Program is located in Fairfield, TX. The company employs approximately 4 employees and is categorized under the Child and Youth Services industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing nonresidential social assistance services for children and youth. These establishments provide for the welfare of children in such areas as adoption and foster care, drug prevention, life skills training, and positive social development.

Freestone County Wic Program can be more broadly classified into the Social Assistance sector, defined as companies that provide a wide variety of social assistance services directly to their clients. These services do not include residential or accommodation services, except on a short stay basis.

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September 29, 2016
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Competitors of Freestone County Wic Program

Direct Competitors
Centex Youth Services Bureau
(903) 389-4920
426 W US Highway 84, Fairfield TX, 75840 United States
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Health Care and Social Assistance
Individual and Family Services
Child and Youth Services
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Freestone County Wic Program

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