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American Ambulance Services

3747 Silver Star Road, Orlando, FL, 32808 United States
(407) 292-8777
(407) 292-8757

About American Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services (NAICS 621910)

American Ambulance Of Central Florida is located in Orlando, FL and was founded in 1998. The company is categorized under the Ambulance Services industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing transportation of patients by ground or air, along with medical care. These services are often provided during a medical emergency but are not restricted to emergencies. The vehicles are equipped with lifesaving equipment operated by medically trained personnel.

American Ambulance Of Central Florida can be more broadly classified into the Ambulatory Health Care Services sector, defined as companies that provide health care services directly or indirectly to ambulatory patients and do not usually provide inpatient services. Health practitioners in this sector provide outpatient services, with the facilities and equipment not usually being the most significant part of the production process.

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October 21, 2016
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Health Care and Social Assistance
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Ambulance Services
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