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Bullocks Cabs

104 N Chestnut St, Henderson, NC, 27536 United States
(252) 438-7219

About Bullocks Cabs

Taxi Service (NAICS 485310)

Bullocks Cabs is located in Henderson, NC. The company is categorized under the Taxi Service industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing passenger transportation by automobile or van, not operated over regular routes and on regular schedules. Establishments of taxicab owner/operators, taxicab fleet operators, or taxicab organizations are included in this industry.

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September 30, 2016
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Competitors of Bullocks Cabs

Direct Competitors
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(252) 438-5800
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Industries Where Bullocks Cabs Competes
Transportation and Warehousing
Taxi and Limousine Service
Taxi Service
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Bullocks Cabs

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