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Adcom Express

7424 W 78Th St, Minneapolis, MN, 55439 United States
(800) 843-4784
(425) 943-4579

About Adcom Express

Freight Transportation Arrangement (NAICS 488510)

Adcom Express is located in Minneapolis, MN and was founded in 1978. The company is categorized under the Freight Transportation Arrangement industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in arranging transportation of freight between shippers and carriers. These establishments are usually known as freight forwarders, marine shipping agents, or customs brokers and offer a combination of services spanning transportation modes.

Adcom Express can be more broadly classified into the Support Activities for Transportation sector, defined as companies that provide services which support transportation. These services may be provided to transportation carrier establishments or to the general public. This sector includes a wide array of establishments, including air traffic control services, marine cargo handling, and motor vehicle towing.

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September 30, 2016
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Industries Where Adcom Express Competes
Transportation and Warehousing
Freight Transportation Arrangement
Freight Transportation Arrangement
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Adcom Express

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