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Galaxy Shade System Inc

3221 Maple St, Santa Ana, CA, 92707 United States
(714) 641-4884

About Galaxy Shade System Inc

Wood Window and Door Manufacturing (NAICS 321911)

Galaxy Shade System Inc is located in Santa Ana, CA. The company is categorized under the Wood Window and Door Manufacturing industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing window and door units, sash, window and door frames, and doors from wood or wood clad with metal or plastics.

Galaxy Shade System Inc can be more broadly classified into the Wood Product Manufacturing sector, defined as companies that manufacture an assortment of wood products. The production processes of the businesses in this sector include sawing, planing, shaping, laminating, and assembling of wood products starting from logs that are cut into bolts, or lumber that then may be further cut, or shaped by lathes or other shaping tools.

The lumber or other transformed wood shapes may also be subsequently planed or smoothed, and assembled into finished products. The Wood Product Manufacturing sector includes establishments that make wood products from logs and bolts that are sawed and shaped, and establishments that purchase sawed lumber and make wood products.

Testimonials of Galaxy Shade System Inc

September 26, 2016
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I too need replacement parts I need. A arm.i got this retractable awning at Costco in 2005 at a mesa az store please advise
Do you have a web site for parts ? Can I get replacement fabric / valance for my 10 year old retractable awning ?Please advise who to contact. I am located near Toronto , Ontario,Canada. Contact [email protected] THANK YOU

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Wood Window and Door Manufacturing
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Galaxy Shade System Inc

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