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Sammy C Photography

507 W Lenoir Ave, Kinston, NC, 28501 United States
(252) 523-6242

About Sammy C Photography

Photography Studios, Portrait (NAICS 541921)
2 workers

Sammy C Photography is located in Kinston, NC. The company employs approximately 2 employees and is categorized under the Photography Studios, Portrait industry. This industry comprises establishments known as portrait studios primarily engaged in providing still, video, or digital portrait photography services.

Sammy C Photography can be more broadly classified into the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sector, defined as companies that engage in processes where human capital is the major input. These establishments make available the knowledge and skills of their employees, often on an assignment basis, where an individual or team is responsible for the delivery of services to the client.

The distinguishing feature of this sector is the fact that most of the companies grouped in it have production processes that are almost wholly dependent on worker skills. In most of these industries, equipment and materials are not of major importance. Thus, the establishments classified in this sector, like Sammy C Photography, sell expertise. Much of the expertise requires degrees, though not in every case.

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September 30, 2016
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Industries Where Sammy C Photography Competes
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Photography Studios, Portrait
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Sammy C Photography

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