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Corinas Jewelery Sales

6219 Valley Bay Dr, San Antonio, TX, 78250 United States
(210) 520-8804

About Corinas Jewelery Sales

Jewelry Stores (NAICS 448310)

Corinas Jewelery Sales is located in San Antonio, TX. The company is categorized under the Jewelry Stores industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in retailing one or more of the following items: (1) new jewelry (except costume jewelry); (2) new sterling and plated silverware; and (3) new watches and clocks. Also included are establishments retailing these new products in combination with lapidary work and/or repair services.

Corinas Jewelery Sales can be more broadly classified into the Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores sector, defined as companies that retail new clothing and clothing accessories merchandise from fixed point-of-sale locations. Establishments in this sector have display equipment and staff that is knowledgeable regarding fashion trends and the proper match of styles, colors, and combinations of clothing and accessories to the characteristics and tastes of the customer.

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September 29, 2016
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Industries Where Corinas Jewelery Sales Competes
Retail Trade
Jewelry, Luggage, and Leather Goods Stores
Jewelry Stores
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Corinas Jewelery Sales

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